Oryx Desert Salt

Today’s the day we’re having a picnic party!

There’s nothing quite like dining out…outside! Have you noticed food simply tastes yummier and more delicious when you’re eating outdoors?  That’s why we decided to create our new twin salt & pepper mini-shakers that you can take anywhere.  We asked the always creative Chef Peter Ayub of Sense of Taste Chef School to let us […]

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Oryx Desert Salt just got mobile

We love coming up with new ideas for packaging our salt! Our salt range is available in cotton bags, refill boxes thus encouraging consumers to re-use their grinders (the ceramic heads  last much longer than their plastic equivalent) to gift packs and salt pots.  And the latest addition to our range is the new twin […]

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Braaied Pineapple infused Salted Caramel & Vanilla Ice-Cream

This is the perfect braai dessert – simple, fuss free and fabulously delicious! One always thinks of doing this with Bananas – so it makes a refreshing change to use pineapple with its tart-sweet flavour – often a very forgotten fruit! It’s been awesome to discover that Oryx Desert Salt Braai is brilliant for flavouring […]

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Braaied boerewors stuffed chicken & pap croquettes

What a flavour combination!  Our friends at Sense of Taste have created this taste sensation that’s just made for the braai!  And we love the variation on traditional pap, an altogether sophisticated twist resulting in ‘Pap’ croquettes! Now that Spring is here we know that our Oryx Desert Braai Salt is on the shelves and going […]

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On our travels around the world, Oryx Desert Salt can be found in retailers in Belgium so we asked Izelle Hoffman to create a traditional Belgian dish with a South African twist.   She came up with something that sounds like an energetic barn-dance step: Stoemp!  We were right behind her! A mixture of mashed potatoes […]

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ITALY MEETS AFRICA: A DISH OF CARPACCIO – Biltong Dust infused Kudu Carpaccio with a Strawberry & Rocket Salad

Carpaccio is a dish of raw meat or fish such as beef, venison, salmon or tuna thinly sliced and served as an appetiser. It was invented in 1950 by Giuseppe Cipriani from Harry’s Bar in Venice and named after Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio who was famous for using red and white tones in his paintings. The dish is often served […]

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oryx in Taiwan


Our wonderful distributor in Taiwan, Feng-Wei Huang  was delighted to contribute to our Oryx Around The World theme this month.  He tells us that Taiwanese cuisine has influences from southern provinces of China, but also a Japanese influence due to 50 years of Japanese rule from 1895-1945. Pork, seafood, chicken, rice, and soy are the […]

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