Oryx Desert Salt

black velvet cake

Black velvet cake with salted liquorice ganache & italian meringue

Our Black & White theme couldn’t have a better ending! Sense of Taste have created black and white magic with their wizardly inventiveness. Not only with taste but also texture – the soft, dark moist cake paired with lusciously piquant liquorice ganache and smooth-creamy meringue. It doesn’t get better than this! Recipe by Chef Angie […]

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chicken mushroom

Black & White: Portobello Mushroom & Chicken Breast

We’re having great fun this month with our theme Black & White; we’re so intrigued to see what our talented and inspired chef partners are coming up with! First up is our lovely Izelle Hoffman who’s created this succulently striking pairing:  white chicken breast set against a black Portobello mushroom. What’s particularly winning about this […]

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There’s something very satisfying about the simplicity and clarity of black & white. The intensity of contrast brings with it a sense of drama, each element bringing out the other in stark relief.  So we thought we’d take you on a culinary adventure in black and white – enjoy this photo blog! We’re talking coffee […]

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Focaccia mussels

Focaccia Bread and West Coast Black Mussels

“Focaccia Bread is a beautiful and versatile Italian Style Flat Bread, generously seasoned with Oryx Desert Salt & Pepper as well a Good quality local Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The focaccia bread makes a perfect partner with Steamed West Coast Mussels – truly heaven on a plate”  Chef Angie Boyd Recipe by Chef Angie Boyd […]

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salted bagels

Oryx Smoked Salted & Sesame Crusted Bagels

We love bagels with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Capers. But there are so many sumptuous fillings… like Camembert Cheese, Parma Ham and Caramelised Onions….or Peppered Pastrami and Gherkin  Relish!  Bagels are different and not your everyday bread roll, so a nice treat to have with a decadent filling of your choice. And bagels are […]

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butternut banana muffins


We asked Izelle to contribute a recipe for our celebration of Bread & Salt theme this month and in true inimitable Izelle style, she’s come up with a scrumptiously unique twist to an old idea: Banana Bread gets a complete make-over with these 12 divinely delicious muffins: made with butternut, banana, sweetened with honey and […]

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bread & salt


There is an old fairy tale that tells of a king with 3 daughters. The king, being vain, asks each daughter how much she loves him. The older two immediately say they love him more than gold and precious jewels – this pleases him greatly. The youngest princess becomes thoughtful and finally says she loves […]

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Sikatonga tribal art


Not all of Oryx Desert Salt’s friends are restauranteurs. Some, like Sikatonga Tribal Art, like Oryx for its novelty value as a souvenir.  Sikatonga is a company that Oryx desert salt is proud to be a partner with. Sikatonga Tribal Art works with local master craftsmen and artists. Their mission is rooted in “creating employment, […]

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