Oryx Desert Salt just got mobile

We love coming up with new ideas for packaging our salt!

Our salt range is available in cotton bags, refill boxes thus encouraging consumers to re-use their grinders (the ceramic heads  last much longer than their plastic equivalent) to gift packs and salt pots.  And the latest addition to our range is the new twin babies of the family – mini-shakers.




Think travel:  beaches, picnics, hiking, road trips, camping.  These light-weight mini-shakers are just made for when you’re on the go.  Small and compact, made from high-quality BPA-free recyclable plastic,  they hold just 18 grams of salt and pepper, making them the perfect travelling companions outdoors and in nature.



And what’s inside is perfectly natural as well.  Oryx Desert Salt is sun-dried, unrefined and unprocessed just as nature intended – no additives, no bleaching, no preservatives.  As well as being unpolluted and pure and containing essential minerals and trace elements, the taste is exceptional, loved by chefs around the world.

Pop them into handbags, picnic baskets or lunch boxes, these mini-shakers make sure you have the best quality salt and pepper with you wherever you are. With their cute but smart screw on lids, there’s no mess, only convenience.   You can take them anywhere.

‘What can I say?’ Says Oryx Desert Salt CEO Samantha Skyring with a smile.  ‘We’re movers and shakers by nature!’


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