What are you really buying into when you purchase Oryx Desert Salt? The story behind our brand extends beyond just the narrative about the product, to include the social impact producing our salt has.

We’ve created supplier relationships with local enterprises all sharing a common empowerment goal for the people working inside these organisations.

Ukama Holdings  creates micro enterprises who act as their supply chain in the various packaging services they offer. ‘Ukama’ is a Shona word meaning ‘we are family’ – a word which encompasses a philosophy of inclusiveness which resonates with our own values of care and community.


Oryx’s pure cotton bags are sewn by a home industry project in Ndabeni village. The founding seamstress Thaakira Essau has grown her team to 7 women to meet our requirements.


Macassar Pottery which produces the Oryx Salt pots, is a self-sustaining social enterprise, offering a safe space for youths to discover their life path. The business is co-owned by its employees.


Behind every product, there’s a story of interconnectedness to everyone who contributes to the making of the product. As consumers, we have a responsibility to know what story we’re supporting and buying into – even when we buy something as simple, basic and necessary as a bag of salt.