Mondiall Restaurant, the 5 star home of Chef Riaan Burger at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, excels in consistently serving their guests the best quality and most beautiful meals. Chef Riaan uses Oryx Desert Salt both in the kitchen, and on the tables.

Here he shares one of his Oryx recipes with us. Dare you try to recreate at home? Please share your pictures with us if you do!

Oryx Cured Springbok Bresaola
goats cheese mousse, buchu naartjie


  • Bresaola carpaccio
  • Springbok phyllo cigars
  • Cheese mousse
  • Naartjie
  • Garnish: mini croutons, tomato chips, mustard squeeze, micro leaves, parmesan, ground Oryx black pepper, olive oil sprinkle

Springbok bresaola (makes 10 portions)

  • 2each    loins springbok- sinew removed
  • 150g    Oryx Desert Salt
  • 750ml    dry red wine
  • 2tbsp    honey
  • 2cups    mirepoix
  • ½each    orange- rind only
  • 1each    bouquet garni
  • ¼ tsp    chilli flakes
  • 1each    garlic clove- crushed
  • 1each    rosemary sprig
  • 2tbsp    juniper berries
  • Butcher’s string and sushi mat

Add all the above ingredients (except the springbok) to a saucepot. Bring the contents up to a boil, reduce the heat to a simmer and let cook for 2 minutes.
Transfer the cooked wine mixture to a container, cover and refrigerate.
Add the springbok to the cooled wine mix and let cure for 24hours.
Remove the springbok loins from the wine mixture the following day. Pat dry with paper towel and then generously coat them with olive oil.
Place a loin on one end of the sushi mat, tightly roll, secure with string and hang to dry(could also do this using a muslin towel)
Hang to dry in front of a fridge fan or a biltong dryer.
Unroll one loin after 3 days to determine how far you prefer your springbok dried.

Springbok phyllo rolls (makes 10 portions)

  • ½box    phyllo pastry
  • 2whl    preserved figs- sliced
  • 1bnch    rocket leaves
  • 100gr    springbok bresaola
  • 100gr    chevin cheese

Brush each layer of phyllo with butter and stack these in sheets of 3. Layer one end of the pastry with springbok, fig, cheese and rocket. Tightly roll these to resemble a cigar of around 1.5 cm in diameter.
Brush with butter and refrigerate till required.
Flash these in a hot oven at 210 for around 4-8mins till golden brown and warm.
Bake only 10 minutes before serving.

Cheese mousse (makes 5 portions)

  • 100gr    chevin log
  • 50ml    cream
  • 1sprig    thyme- leaves stripped off
  • ½ each    garlic clove- finely minced
  • White pepper
  • Whip goats cheese with cream till fluffy.
  • Season to taste with Oryx Desert Salt, white pepper and thyme leaves.
  • Using a piping bag, pipe into a round cutter to mould and retain in fridge to serve.

Naartjie (makes 5 portions)

  • 1cup    sugar
  • 1cup    water
  • ¼ tsp    buchu powder (more if required)
  • Bring all ingredients to a light simmer, let cool to create a simple syrup
  • 2each    naartjies

Segment the naartjies, remove all skin, lightly coat them with the infused syrup and finish with chiffonade mint
Do this an hour before use to lightly infuse

Layer 3-4 rows of thinly sliced bresaola to form a square off centre on the plate.
Sprinkle this with parmesan, micro leaves, pepper, olive oil, mustard drops, tomato chips and croutons.
Place mouse & top this with infused naartjie segments.
Finish with phyllo cigar.

Chef Riaan Burger & Cape Town’s Mondiall Resturant