Samantha Skyring


Samantha brings diverse experience from her entrepreneurial career from Aircraft Interior Refurbishment to discovering Mumbo Island on Lake Malawi whilst on a kayaking expedition and starting Kayak Africa. Aswell as extensive travel and adventure, one of which was her 5 month journey in Namibia which included a 120km walk through the Namib desert from where Oryx brand originated. 20 000 Drums NPO ‘Transformation through Celebration’ followed implementing traditional African workshops and training in rural communities across South Africa. Her Desert Salt adventure started by packing bags on her dining room table. She has a 6 year old son Kiran.

Ian Solomon (BCom CA (SA))


Ian is joint CEO of Evolve Capital*, a business started with his brother Garth in 2013. Ian is also CEO of Moja Media, one of the leading tourism marketing businesses in SA. Amongstothers, Moja Media owns the well-known brand, Portfolio Collection. Ian is a qualified chartered accountant, who brings 17 years of entrepreneurial experience in running and growing businesses. He has been involved in entrepreneurship facilitation since 2005, working both with larger groups and one-on-one, mostly with the common theme of how to grow a one-person business into a larger, thriving entity.

Garth Solomon

Garth Solomon (BComBCompt (Hons) CA (SA)

Director (alt)

Garth is joint CEO of Evolve Capital* and prior to starting Evolve Capital, he was head of Old Mutual Private Equity and a member of a successful team for 10 years. Over this time this team developed a strong track record, invested in 23 transactions and exited 15, including landmark private equity deals such as PEP and Life Healthcare. Garth is currently a board member and chairs the investment committee of Life Healthcare, an Alsi 40 listed company and has been a member of this board for over 9 years. He has also served on the boards and committees of Metro Cash & Carry, Air Liquid, Tourvest and Libstar. Prior to joining OMPE Garth was a founder member of African Harvest, a listed financial services company, where he was a member of their private equity and corporate finance teams.

*Evolve Capital acquired 50% of Oryx Desert Salt in December 2013. Evolve invests in start up, small and medium sized companies through a combination of equity, debt, intellectual and strategic capital. Evolve’s primary intention is to partner with a long term view, to help build and grow sustainable, ethical businesses that add value, create jobs and extend across generations.

Lee-Anne Thain

Operations and Sales Manager

Not your typical Accountant … I can read a Balance Sheet, love to use Spreadsheets … (even to control and monitor the toilet roll usage), but also can’t resist a good conversation, a trip to the mall or a visit to the hair salon!

1 part “Fellow colleague psychologist”, 2 parts Sales & Ops Manager, 3 parts Soccer Mom and 4 parts … “Heart of her Home”.

Too many Parts? 😉 that would explain why she’s always late!

Shafiek Lakay

Shafiek Lakay

I started working at the age of 18, my first job was with Pick ‘n Pay as a till packer and two years later I worked in the IT department as a support tech. I supported stores with all of their technical and hardware problems. Eight years later I was promoted to a new division of PnP which was developing new software, I was part of the test and roll out team. It involved a lot of travelling and training with staff nationally.

I left PnP in 2000 and went into a new field in the textiles industry, I started from the bottom as an ironer then into the despatch department and within a year I became part of senior management. I was responsible for debtors, creditors, invoicing, store targets, stock takes and despatching of customer orders. Hip Hop Factory liquidated in 2013. I joined Oryx Desert Salt in October 2013.

Chad Samuels

Warehouse Manager

Young in years but better described as an old soul. Chad is someone that believes the sky is the limit but things don’t always happen in our time. He doesn’t like to quit anything he starts and believes in fighting for what he feel he deserves. Chad has a love and passion for Jiu Jitsu and MMA makes up a big part of who he is. He lives his life for the goals he sets for himself for both work and play. “If you work hard enough you get to play even harder” The name Chad means “defender and protector”… the name says it all.

Eva Shirlaw

Sales consultant

As a young woman Eva successfully worked and travelled through the middle east and Europe. On returning to South Africa, she worked as an artist creating large scale murals and backdrops in the film industry. On a film set one day, she met her husband Clive and together they built their own home and raised a family, four children, only two of her own. Never one to just ‘chill out’ Eva also worked part-time as a consultant for the art supplies industry.  After half a decade in this industry and looking for a change in career and lifestyle, Eva and her family relocated from Johannesburg to Cape Town. It has been four years now since joining the Oryx Desert Salt team. Eva’s vivacious spirit, laughter and love of people is the personal touch she offers to Oryx Desert Salt customers.

Delia O’Reilly

Western Cape – Restaurant Customer Service & Brand Ambassador

11 Years of Sales experience Nationally and Internationally,

“Experts” believe that a person’s attitudes, personality, and work methods (classified as the “approach to work”) are virtually the entire basis for professional success. Common sense however dictates that a person’s approach to work plays an important role in their performance on the job.

Throughout my career thus far I have learnt that I will only ever reach the real pinnacle of my success if I ensure the outcome of my activities is positive for my customers.

If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life! A phrase that is a basis I believe to any form of success in business.

It is great to be on board with ORYX and I am looking forward to the journey ahead.

Gernie Louw

Jhb Brand Ambassador

I have been in the FMCG industry for 14 years and I have vast experience in sales and customer relations. I am passionate about selling a quality product to my customers and this is why I have the long standing relationships in the industry. In my spare time I am an equestrian and I compete in showjumping I have even riding for 34 years and find this my soul food.

Nina Geraghty

Nina Geraghty believes words are powerhouses. Words well-chosen impart information, spark imagination, fire up emotions and can conjure up a multitude of images in the minds and hearts of readers. With her solid understanding of digital marketing and design practices and principles, and her background working specifically with businesses in the natural and organic world, Nina loves being the creative content producer for Oryx Desert Salt.

Suzan McCreadie

Suzan McCreadie with her Inkfish team, is the driving force behind the Oryx Desert Salt digital marketing of the online shop and brand as a whole. Like any good octopus, her hands reach anywhere they need to be so you’ll find her skilled in the strategic, creative, technical, and visual side of rolling out a brand into the digital world. Using UX experience, design flair, tech skills (specifically in WP & Woo commerce), brand consistency, cross-referral marketing and social media, Suzan also has a natural genius for generating creative ideas – implementing them cost-effectively yet stylishly with the help of her invaluable virtual team.