Braaied boerewors stuffed chicken & pap croquettes

What a flavour combination!  Our friends at Sense of Taste have created this taste sensation that’s just made for the braai!  And we love the variation on traditional pap, an altogether sophisticated twist resulting in ‘Pap’ croquettes!

Now that Spring is here we know that our Oryx Desert Braai Salt is on the shelves and going to be adding flavour and deliciousness to braais everywhere!



Braaied Deboned Chicken Hind Quarter stuffed with Grabouw Boerewors Served with “Pap”Croquettes

Ingredients for Boerewors Stuffed Chicken Hindquarter  

  • 1 x free range chicken hindquarter (thigh & leg) per person
  • Each hindquarter needs to be deboned without cutting deeply into the flesh and skin – this is similar to French trimming
  • 100 g Grabouw Boerewors per chicken hindquarter (casing must be taken off the Boerewors)
  • Piping bag to pipe the Boerewors meat into the Chicken
  • A good glug of local extra virgin olive oil per chicken hindquarter (we like Morgenster)
  • Oryx Desert Braai Salt and Oryx Desert Pepper to season
  • A handful of freshly chopped parsley per chicken hindquarter
  • A good squeeze of Lemon Juice per chicken hindquarter
  • Some tooth picks


Method and Preparation for Grabouw Boerewors Stuffed Chicken Hindquarter  

  • Wash your chicken hindquarter and pat dry with paper towel
  • Then debone your chicken leg and thigh – be careful to keep the thigh and leg as one piece
  • Pipe the boerewors meat into the cavity of the chicken
  • Using tooth picks – close the top
  • Season the chicken generously with Oryx Desert Braai Salt and Oryx Desert Pepper
  • Braai until chicken is cooked and skin is nicely crisp and charred
  • When serving, drizzle with olive oil & a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle with the parsley and some more Oryx Desert Braai Salt

“Pap” Crougettes  

Ingredients for “Pap” Croquettes  

  • 1 cup hot water
  • 2 cups of Maize Meal “Pap”
  • ½ cup of finely chopped spinach
  • 1 Tablespoon of Oryx Desert Braai Salt
  • 1 Tablespoon of salted butter
  • Flour & bread crumb mix seasoned generously with Oryx Desert Braai Salt
  • 2 x free range eggs beaten


Method and Preparation for “Pap” Croquettes    

  • Bring the water to boil
  • Add spinach, maize meal, Oryx Desert Braai Salt and butter
  • Whisk until light, fluffy and thick
  • Allow to cool slightly
  • Shape your croquettes and set aside to cool completely
  • Dip you croquettes in the beaten egg mixture and then roll generously in the flour & breadcrumb mix
  • Deep Fry until golden brown


Sense of Taste chefs