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With Earth Day fresh in our minds, what better time to start buying Oryx Desert Salt online, a true product of South Africa that doesn’t sacrifice flavour for sustainability?

Oryx Desert Salt is a 100% pure, crystal-white, natural desert salt. It’s a premium choice of restauranteurs around the world, bespoke food producers and souvenir shops and deli’s, loved for its rich flavour and mineral density. But we’re not sure if it’s renowned taste is even its best quality…
It’s a hard choice, because Oryx Desert Salt is also:
1. A great product of South Africa, sourced from a salt pan over 250 million years old in the pristine Kalahari Desert.
2. With its rich content of minerals and trace elements, Oryx salt can be utilised by the body to help find balance and optimal vitality.
3. A company faithful to its community. Sam Skyring, who brought Oryx Desert Salt to the world donates a percentage of every bag of salt sold to the local Khomani San and Mier communities.
4. Completely natural. There are no additives, preservatives, or anti-clumping agents. Our salt is unrefined and unprocessed.
5. Eco-friendly. From the source to the packaging, Oryx believes strongly in ensuring that the source of our salt is completely renewable, and that our bags and grinders can be reused or recycled.

Now, to say “thanks!” to our first-time customers, we’re giving 5% off their first order of our premium desert salt from our new wholesale online shop. Just key in FIRSTTIMEORYX on the coupon box upon checkout. We even offer attractive counter stands that come free with our starter kits. Selling our bulk salt packs and high order quantities makes it easy for restaurants, caterers, delis, souvenir shops, or anybody who works in the world of food production to stock their kitchen with the best and most unique salt products on the market. Use Earth Day as your excuse to switch to a more earth-friendly choice this year!