Divine Wine Salt Canapes: Beetroot & Mushroom Tortellini

Beetroot and Mushroom Duxelles Tortellini with Sage Butter is the last canapé recipe in this three part series (see our Avo & Biltong Bruschettas and Falafel balls with Tzatziki!)

 And while these morsels are a perfect mouthful, they’re also delicious as a light lunch or supper starter.  Chef Pete and Chef Byron of Sense of Taste Chef School will take you step by step through the very simple and straightforward process of creating these mini Italian-inspired masterpieces!


Beetroot & Mushroom Duxelles Tortellini with Sage Butter – makes 12-16 individual portions or 5 to 6 light lunch or supper portions



  • Make Beetroot Puree – 4 x medium sized Beets simmered in water until tender – allow to cool and cut ½ into cubes and other ½ blend, adding ½ teaspoon of Oryx Red Wine Salt  until – set aside
  • In the meantime – combine 250g cake flour together with 2 egg yolks and 1 teaspoon of Oryx Red Wine Salt and add in the beetroot puree – combine and knead until you have smooth dough
  • Set dough aside in the fridge for about 20 min to rest


Duxelles Filling

Duxelles is a finely minced mixture of mushrooms, onions, and sometimes herbs, sautéed in butter or oil and reduced to a paste

  • To make the duxelles filling –finely chop 2 cups of mushrooms, ½ white onion finely chopped plus 1 teaspoon of Oryx Red Wine Salt – ingredients to be sautéed in a pan with ¼ cup of Morgenster Extra Virgin Oil
  • Season cream with Oryx Red Wine Salt (set aside in fridge for service)


Sage Butter

  • in a pan melt a ¼ cup of salted butter and add fresh sage leaves – cook until it bubbles and you can smell the sage


To assemble

  • Take pasta out of fridge and roll out onto floured surface – if you do have a pasta roller use that – we like to roll our pasta with the Kenwood Chef Titanium Pasta Machine
  • Cut out rounds with a cookie cutter – place your duxelles in the centre – fold over, close and twist to form tortellini – place tortellini in the fridge until ready to eat
  • Bring a pot of water to the boil – carefully drop in your tortellini into the boiling water in small batches – once they float to the top they are ready
  • Now you are ready to plate up –either as individual portions or say 5 to 6 tortellini in shallow bowl
  • Heat up the sage butter and drizzle over the tortellini adding a generous spoonful of cream cheese next to the tortellini
  • Now add a few cubes of beetroot onto the cream cheese – with a good grinding of Oryx Red Wine Salt and decorate with a sage leaf.


Photo credit: Candice


The Final Garnish

  • We have garnished with Sago Crisp which was flavoured and seasoned with Oryx Red Wine Salt. To make Sago Crisp, cook the sago, then spread it out onto a silicone sheet and dehydrate it overnight in a 60°C oven
  • Break the crisps up and deep fry them in canola oil at 190°C – it will take about 20 seconds for them to puff up
  • If you are not able do the sago crisp – then substitute with Plain Salted Pringle Crisps


Bon Appetite 😊