Charles Fish Shop


Here at Oryx Desert Salt, we believe we know a thing or two about what it means to perfect a craft. Just try our salts and spices! So, when we stumble upon someone else who has mastered their own craft, we take notice!

Enter Charlie’s Fish Shop. Charlie’s is committed to doing things the good old fashioned way – keeping it simple, fresh, and finding success by providing a quality product. You see, Charlie van Blerk and his family take “fresh” seriously. Word is, they scour the local coastline in search of the newest catches and the fishermen who sell them. Boat to boat, Charlie’s day isn’t done until his shop is stocked.

It’s not all just buying and selling, oh no. You don’t earn a crown with a bit of copper. As Saldanha’s own sea king, Charlie and his shipmates put a twist on traditional fish by smoking and pickling some of their catch. Their delicate handiwork produces such great tasting fish that locals have will proudly tell you that the crew behind Charlie’s “run a tight ship”.

And what helps bring out those delicious ocean flavours? Why, what better than our very own Oryx Desert Salt? We’re so excited that our salt could be a part of something so great. So excited, in fact, that we’ve got our eyes on some of Charlie’s Saldanha oysters (as long as they’re served cold on a bed of ice and Oryx salt!)!

Charlie’s is located on 69 Main Road Saldanha in Western Cape. If you want to stay up to date with what the catch of the day is, you can sign up for their handy SMS service!