kenton garage


Kenton Garage Information

(Kenton-on-Sea / Bushmans River, Municipal Buildings, 5A Kenton Road, Kenton-on-Sea, 6191)

Kenton is situated between two tidal rivers namely the Kariega and Bushmans Rivers that open up to the warm and wonderful Indian Ocean. It’s very popular with foreign tourists, as Kenton on the sea is the perfect place for a family vacation in the summer and winter holidays, because the climate is temperate and mild in this small coastal village in the Eastern Cape.

You can lie around on the beautiful beaches, do some quad biking on the dunes and have a wonderful time exploring fascinating rock formations as well as exploring game farms nearby. If you fancy yourself an outdoor explorer, Kenton is right up your alley.

Kenton Garage  is open from 06h00 in the morning to 20h00 at night with extended hours “in season” because it’s the busiest time of the year. This garage is the perfect one stop shop for all your requirements. Apart from the expected complete range of fuel and car products and a service garage, they have a great Restaurant and Deli with Oryx Desert Salt on their tables and as a product to buy. Even though Oryx Desert Salt is most popular with tourists,  local customers are loving it too! . With a Laundromat and Estate Agent on site, Kenton Garage supplies many needs to holiday-makers and their local community alike.

Thank you Kenton Garage for putting Oryx on your tables and shelves!


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