Hola! When it comes to stocking up your pantry with Mexican fare, these corn-based chips and tortillas from Santa Anna’s are simply indispensable.

Santa Anna’s was started by a couple of environmentally, health conscious hombres – Frik Oosthuizen and Piet Marais    who wanted to produce authentic Latin American food and could not find a supplier that matched their ethos – so they ended up becoming that supplier! They wanted to produce a corn-based product that is handmade, fried in ethically produced and healthy oil with as few additives as possible.

They began experimenting by hand with organic maize from James Moffett of Kirklington Farm and have subsequently grown from a few hundred tortillas a day to more than 10 000 a day currently.

Santa Anna’s only contains organically grown GMO free maize, Oryx desert salt (Yes!), lime and then the Organic Corn Chips are fried in coconut oil. Their fresh masa (traditional corn dough) is ground on a volcanic stone grinder and all the chips are hand-cut and kettle fried.

Now here’s an interesting word for you! Nixtamal is an Aztec word used to describe corn that has been partially cooked and soaked with calcium hydroxide, otherwise referred to as lime. Calcium hydroxide is simply the dust that results from scraping a limestone rock. The Aztec would grind corn against the limestone found in the riverbeds, and hence discovered the benefit of the interaction of this natural element with corn. The process of nixtamalization was first developed in Mesoamerica where maize was originally cultivated. There is no precise date for when the technology was developed, but the earliest evidence of the practice is found in Guatemala’s southern coast, with equipment dating from 1200-1500BC.

Guacamole never tasted better than when partnered with Santa Anna’s corn chips with their yummy full roasted corn flavour, a rich mouth feel & crispy texture. What can we say?

Start crunching now! And we’ll see you in the Mexican Cantina where we’ll be dishing up some fantastic Mexican fare!