Pork Belly With Parmesan Whipped Potato by Jacques Swart


Chef Jacques Swart has come up with a delicious and simple recipe for pork belly you won’t want to miss. Using Oryx Desert Salt, you will be able to prepare a salt-rubbed pork belly, complemented beautifully with parmesan potatoes and roasted vegetables. Take a look at the full recipe to make this amazing dish.

ORYX desert SALT rubbed Pork belly Marinated in Soya & honey & served with Parmesan whipped Potato & Roast

Ingredients (for 4 servings):

400gr                          pork belly

80 ml                           Vegetable oil

                                    Crushed black pepper & 100g of oryx salt

100 ml                         Soya Sauce

2 tbsp                          Honey

5 gr                             rosemary

5 gr                             grain mustard

ORYX desert SALT & pepper mix

Parmesan potato and vegetables:

2 large                         potatoes

100 gr                         Grated parmesan Cheese

40 ml                           salted butter

1 tablespoon               freshly chopped chives

25gr                            olive oil

1 punnet                     baby carrots – peeled & cut small

1 punnet                     baby corn – cut small

40 gr                           butter

                                    ORYX desert SALT & pepper mix


  • Night before serving - Mix Soya, ORYX desert SALT, peppercorns, honey, mustard & Rosemary together. Rub on pork belly & leave to marinate over night.
  • Once marinated, cook in preheated at 160°C oven for 1 ½ hours until cooked. During the cooking process keep basting belly with the Soya marinade.
  • Whipped parmesan Cheese Potato – cook whole potatoes in preheated oven. When cooked scoop out potato from skins. Mix with parmesan cheese, butter & season. Whip together.
  • Rub butter into the cut Corn & carrots with seasoning. Roast in a preheated oven 180°C until roasted. 
  • When you’re ready for serving, remove the pork belly & slice into portions. Reheat your whipped potato & vegetables – place it onto pre-heat glasses & serve & drizzle with olive oil & garnish.
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