“Everyone deserves to eat decent bacon at least once,” says owner of Bacon on Bree, Richard Bosman, and one of our loyal Oryx customers.


Richard not only believes in having Oryx on the table for his customers, but it’s also Oryx he chooses to flavour his specialty meats.


“I use Oryx because I find that the flavour of the final product is better. Salt is a critical part of the curing process and the amount used is very precise in order to prevent the product from spoiling. With Oryx Desert Salt, I don’t have to worry about the salt overpowering the flavour of the meat. I don’t use less but end up with a better product. I was using sea salt previously but prefer the flavour of the mineral salt.”


Bacon on Bree has fast become a Bree Street favourite, offering a selection of sandwiches and salads, from the familiar BLT and a bacon and Brie croissant to a bacon and blue cheese salad, to name just a few.


Should you want to take something home, there’s a fridge with a variety of bacon styles to choose from, offering Richard’s selection of dried and salted bacon, made from pasture-reared pigs.


Visit Bacon on Bree at 217 Bree Street



All images from Bacon on Bree on Instagram @bacononbree