Scoffworthy food for dogs by Murphy’s gravy

All mammals need salt. When Samantha Skyring, founder and CEO of Oryx Desert salt walked 120 km across the Namib desert to Skeleton coast, she had several close encounters with the majestic Oryx gazelle on her journeys. She discovered that while Oryx Gazelle can survive for lengthy periods without water, they cannot survive for more than two months without salt, travelling extensively to search out salt licks in the desert. It was this experience which inspired Samantha to launch Oryx Desert Salt!

Dogs need (a little) Salt
Recently, 3 pet food manufacturers have started using Oryx Desert Salt in their pet food recipes and we were able to chat to Dave Dunton of Murphy’s about his range of Murphy’s gravies. Murphy is, of course not only his chief assistant in the tasting department, he’s also the adorable inspiration for the range. Murphy , it turns out, is particular when it comes to food and even the best pricy pellets weren’t quite up to his discerning Irish Terrier palate. So Dave created a tasty gravy to add to his pellets, turning dog food into a dog gourmet experience! Murphy was now relishing his meals so much, Dave figured that other dogs should also be able to share the foodie joy that Murphy did. And so Murphy’s was born.


How Important is Salt in Dog Food?

While we humans have far superior taste faculties than dogs (we have 9000 taste buds and dogs only 1700), interestingly enough, taste is still a factor when creating doggie dinners. (most of a dog’s taste buds are in the front of his tongue so it’s the first taste of every mouthful that really counts!)

Dave consulted pet nutritionist Lourens De Wet to help him formulate the recipe.  Initially Dave asked for a salt-free recipe but Lourens told him that that a small amount of salt is necessary because even dogs need salt to improve the taste!  With its top quality ingredients of real meat such as skinless chicken breast, beef stewing steak and lean mutton (as opposed to just meat flavourings in many pet foods) low salt and added prebiotics for gut health, Murphy’s is a premium product.  Above all, Murphy’s Gravy is tasty. Very, very tasty! It took 5 product test runs and many taste trials (willingly done by Murphy and friends) before both Dave and Murphy were 100% happy that the gravy was chops-licking good!

Eating Your Own Dogfood!

Murphy’s is all about taste – it’s a taste enhancer for pellets when you don’t have the time to cook your own dog food.  ‘Did you taste your own gravy?’ I ask Dave.  ‘Definitely!’ he replied with a laugh.  ‘Many, many times during the recipe development stage.’

But it was always Murphy who made the final decision.

Murphy’s Gravy is prepared and packaged by Ukama, (an amazing packaging company built around an innovative entrepreneurship model- they pack for Oryx too!) and can be found in really good pet shops retailing at between R50.00 to R60.00.

Oh, and there’s something really special coming down from Murphy’s which we’ll get to see in a few months’ time.  Dave says it’s top secret and he’s not divulging a thing, but now that you know how good Murphy’s gravy is, you’ll know that whatever Murphy has a paw in is bound to be a good thing.