Smoky Hake & Croquettes With Edamame Bean Puree

It’s delicious, it’s sophisticated, it’s trending. Adding a subtle hint of smokiness to dishes is as easy as grinding Oryx Desert Smoked Salt as a last minute finishing touch. We asked Chef Peter and Chef Byron of Sense of Taste Chef School  to create a hot smokin’ recipe and here’s their creation which includes hake – a fish that’s listed on the SASSI List (South African, Sustainable Seafood Initiative) as sustainable and therefore gets the green light.


Fish ‘n Chips with mushy peas, anyone?  Yes, but with a genius twist by Chef Peter.  He decided to go all the way and smoke the fish and potatoes in the recipe.  We realise not everyone has their own smoker at home, but ready-made smokers are relatively inexpensive at Builders Warehouse and a small or medium sized one is perfect for the home kitchen.

Chef Peter also has a clever trick up his sleeve! A quick ingenious home-made way of smoking food in your own kitchen is to do the following:


  1. Cover the inside base of a medium sized pot with a double layer of tin foil
  2. Place equals quantities of wood chips and rooibos tea leaves (about a cup full of each) on top of the foil. You can get smoker wood chips at most big Pick ‘n Pay stores
  3. Use a foil tart container with about 10 pierced holes in the base and place this upside down over the wood chips and rooibos tea mix.
  4. Place your fish on top the tart container – then put the pot onto your stove and put the lid on. The heat from the stove will start the smoking process.
  5. Smoke for about 5 min


You might be tempted to go on a whole delicious home-smoking journey after trying this one.

Let’s go on a yummy smokin’ adventure!


Smoked Hake Fillet and Hake Croquettes with a Edamame Bean Puree by Chef Peter Ayub & Chef Byron Thebus



Serves 4

  • 4 hake fillets – trim use off cuts for Croquettes
  • Oryx Smoked Salt and pepper
  • Work on 1 medium sized potato per person for the croquettes – if you like you can also add in a handful of finely chopped Spring Onion into your Croquette Recipe (optional)
  • Lemon Juice
  • ½ cup of edamame beans per person
  • 1 x medium sized white onion finely chopped for the Edamame Bean Puree
  • Good Quality Local Extra Virgin Olive Oil (we like Morgenster Olive Oil)
  • 150g salted butter


A Note About Hake

  • Whatever fish you use, make sure the fish you choose is Green on the SASSI List – we love Hake!
  • Portion Fish and pat dry with kitchen paper towel
  • Coat fish portions  in a mixture of Oryx Smoked Salt & some Lemon Zest (keep the hake off cuts for the croquettes)
  • In a really hot pan – seal your fish portions on both sides – then if you have a smoker, pop the fish portions inside – skin side up – squeeze some lemon juice over each portion – use woodchips and rooibos tea leaves as you smoking ingredients. Smoked for 5 to 10 min – your fish should be firm to the touch when ready.
  • If you don’t want to smoke your fish or don’t have a smoker, then cook until just tender.


Hake Croquettes


  1. Hand cut your potatoes into nice even size chunks – you can keep the skin on – all the goodness is in the skin! (Also, reducing waste)
  2. Boil the chunks starting in cold water – when potato chunks are tender – drain water (reserving some for poaching the hake off cuts in the next step) and if you have a smoker, add the potatoes to smoker for 5 min using the wood chips and rooibos tea leaves
  3. Poach the hake off cuts in the reserved potato liquid until hake is cooked
  4. Remove Potatoes from Smoker and add the poached hake and mash – remember to add Smoked Oryx Salt and Pepper to season
  5. Roll your croquette balls into a mixture of flour & crumbs and beaten egg
  6. Your oil must be at 180”C – use a medium sized pot – you can cook your Croquette balls in batches
  7. Fry for about 5 min until potato is tender and the croquette is golden brown.
  8. Remove with slotted spoon and allow to rest while you plate of your dish.
  9. This dish can be served at room temperature or slightly warm
  10. All you need to do is simply add a bit more Smoked Oryx salt when serving


Edamame Bean Puree


  1. Medium sized white onion chopped finely chopped
  2. 250 g of  edamame beans
  3. Edamame beans (soaked in water over night)
  4. Soften the chopped onions in a pan with some butter and ¼ cup of Good local Extra Virgin Olive oil (we like Morgenster)
  5. Add your beans and some more butter
  6. Cook until beans are tender over a low heat – and then mash the beans and season with Smoked Oryx Salt and Pepper