It’s one of our key slogans.

Because we want you to buy less from us.  Look don’t get us wrong, we love our grinders and think they’re pretty cool, but you know what?  Please stop buying them.  You don’t have to buy a new grinder every time you finish the old one.

  • Our grinders are built to last longer than a single use.
  • They are sturdily made and our logo and label is printed directly onto the glass so there’s no scruffy fading labels peeling off – Oryx Desert Salt Grinders stay good-looking for longer.
  • The high quality imported ceramic grinder heads we use just keep grinding away and are good for at least another 10 refills.
  • We’ve created refill boxes that will refill your grinder, saving you money: available in Course Salt, Black Peppercorns, Braai Salt, Smoked Salt & Wine Salt. Coarse, Smoked and Wine salt refill boxes are 250g providing 2 and a half grinder refills. The Black Peppercorn refill is 100g providing 2 x grinder refills. And the Braai Salt is 125g providing 2 x shaker refills.

Our pure cotton bags are sold in recyclable polyprop bags and our drawstring bags can be reused in the home too.


  • …more conscious of not creating more unnecessary waste that just ends up in landfill.
  • …more aware of your purchasing choices: buying local because it’s better for local economy and environmentally more sustainable.
  • …more savvy when it comes to saving money where it counts.

I guess you could say we’re pretty black and white when it comes down to sustainability and making sure you get the best possible deal.  Think about it: if you buy 4 of our salt refill boxes, you’ll be able to refill your grinder 10 times which works out at just R12.50 per grinder refill!  Now that’s real value.