Samantha Skyring
Samantha SkyringCEO
Samantha brings diverse experience from her entrepreneurial career from Aircraft Interior Refurbishment to discovering Mumbo Island on Lake Malawi whilst on a kayaking expedition and starting Kayak Africa. Aswell as extensive travel and adventure, one of which was her 5 month journey in Namibia which included a 120km walk through the Namib desert from where Oryx brand originated. 20 000 Drums NPO ‘Transformation through Celebration’ followed implementing traditional African workshops and training in rural communities across South Africa. Her Desert Salt adventure started by packing bags on her dining room table. She has a 12 year old son Kiran.
Ian Solomon (BCom CA (SA))
Ian Solomon (BCom CA (SA))Director
Ian is joint CEO of Evolve Capital*, a business started with his brother Garth in 2013. Ian is also CEO of Moja Media, one of the leading tourism marketing businesses in SA. Amongstothers, Moja Media owns the well-known brand, Portfolio Collection. Ian is a qualified chartered accountant, who brings 17 years of entrepreneurial experience in running and growing businesses. He has been involved in entrepreneurship facilitation since 2005, working both with larger groups and one-on-one, mostly with the common theme of how to grow a one-person business into a larger, thriving entity.
Garth Solomon (BComBCompt (Hons) CA (SA)
Garth Solomon (BComBCompt (Hons) CA (SA)Director (alt)
Garth is joint CEO of Evolve Capital* and prior to starting Evolve Capital, he was head of Old Mutual Private Equity and a member of a successful team for 10 years. Over this time this team developed a strong track record, invested in 23 transactions and exited 15, including landmark private equity deals such as PEP and Life Healthcare. Garth is currently a board member and chairs the investment committee of Life Healthcare, an Alsi 40 listed company and has been a member of this board for over 9 years. He has also served on the boards and committees of Metro Cash & Carry, Air Liquid, Tourvest and Libstar. Prior to joining OMPE Garth was a founder member of African Harvest, a listed financial services company, where he was a member of their private equity and corporate finance teams.
Lee-Anne Thain
Lee-Anne ThainOperations and Sales Manager
Lee-Anne is not your typical Accountant … She can read a Balance Sheet, loves to use Spreadsheets … (even to control and monitor the toilet roll usage), but also can’t resist a good conversation, a trip to the mall or a visit to the hair salon!
1 part “Fellow colleague psychologist”, 2 parts Sales & Ops Manager, 3 parts Soccer Mom and 4 parts … “Heart of her Home”.
Too many Parts? ? that would explain why she’s always late!
Shafiek Lakay
Shafiek Lakay
Shafiek is responsible for overseeing procurement, creditors and logistics. What Shafiek enjoys most about his job and being good at it, is being in direct contact with the suppliers/customers, whom he considers to be an integral part of the company.
Shafiek puts others above himself and is always concerned if his neighbours have food on their table. He is responsible for his 78-year-old father. He also has a brother with Dementia whom he provides for. He would love to go to the Holy city, Makkah and Madina one day, but for now a week away with no cell phone in the Wilderness would be a bonus.
Debbie Solomon
Debbie Solomon
Debbie does Debtors is her pet name at Oryx . She strives to keep all Oryx customers  happy and stocked up . Responsible for orders , invoicing and collecting monies from clients .

Debbie has a passion for  classic, choral music. Loves going to opera performances and sings in a choir.  She has a passion for sport especially tennis. A huge fan of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
A mother of two and a very proud grandmother of a grandson. Loves travelling and experiencing different cuisines. Very proud Oryx teammate when she see’s Oryx products being used in restaurants wherever she travels .

Debbie loves walking , jogging and  taking her dog for walks. Her dream is to  see a happy, unified and healthy nation grow AND to see Oryx in all restaurants around the world.

Chad Samuels
Chad SamuelsWarehouse Manager
Young in years but better described as an old soul. Chad is someone that believes the sky is the limit but things don’t always happen in our time. He doesn’t like to quit anything he starts and believes in fighting for what he feel he deserves. Chad has a love and passion for Jiu Jitsu and MMA makes up a big part of who he is. He lives his life for the goals he sets for himself for both work and play. “If you work hard enough you get to play even harder” The name Chad means “defender and protector”… the name says it all.
Eva Shirlaw
Eva ShirlawSales consultant
Eva’s passion for cooking has its main focus on health and sustainability, which makes her an ideal fit as a Sales consultant for Oryx Desert Salt. Eva has always been a ‘foodie’ and has a vision of Oryx gourmet salt on every restaurant table and in all regular household kitchens.
A mother of four and a talented host to a busy, full and vibrant household, is testament to her exceptional people skills. Even though Eva consults from her home office, her relationship with the Oryx operations team at the warehouse feels like an extension of her own family.

With a fully-loaded schedule, to unwind, Eva blows off steam at the local gym or Zen’s out with a gentle sunset walk on Kommetjie beach.

Eva says her personal dream is quite simple “A more responsibly conscious world, for her children and all future generations.”

Gernie Louw
Gernie Louw
Gernie’s role in Oryx is brand manager for Johannesburg, what she loves about her role is maintaining relationships with existing clients and building new relationships with new customers. She finds it very rewarding getting the brand known as it is such an environmentally conscious brand. She enjoys educating the market on salt as most people aren’t aware that not all salt is the same.

Sustainability is the Oryx Value that she identifies with the most, as she feels it is very important to take care of our planet and is very proud not to cause destruction of our world.

She is an equestrian and lives for her horse, being her one and only hobby. Her dream is to start doing well in dressage and to at least get her up to elementary level.

Nina Geraghty
Nina Geraghty
Nina writes all Oryx’s blogs, newsletters, press releases and advert copy. She loves how well-chosen words have the power to move readers emotionally.  Nina is motivated by creativity and enjoys the challenge of always seeking new ways to convey Oryx’s message.

Nina is the mother of two young adults, loves to cook, builds clay pots to get her hands in the earth (and out of her head into a wordless space) and is writing a memoir. She has a longing to visit Iceland one day.

Mandy Proctor
Mandy Proctor
Mandy is a Sales Ambassador for Oryx in the Western Cape building long lasting client relationships, assisting all client needs and seeking new business, growing her client base.

Mandy loves to converse daily about our product to owners and managers. Respect starts with oneself first therefore approaching clients in this manner creates trust and loyalty.

She is a sociable person enjoying the outdoors. She loves daily walks after a hard day’s work.  Relaxing with a good read from “Robin Cook” and sitting around the table with her family for dinner.

Amanda Gordon
Amanda Gordon
Amanda is a Brand Ambassador for Oryx introducing clients to these great products, building relationships in both hospitality and retail in the South, West and East of Johannesburg.

Amanda is service orientated and believes it’s all about the interactions offering a top service to customers giving them the best experience of your products for a long lasting and profitable relationship.
Amanda loves her family and is the mother of a very rambunctious little girl who is the light of her mother’s life. She also enjoys being creative in the kitchen and is an avid gardener focusing on her blossoming veggie garden.

Amanda also enjoys travel and would love to go on a cruise to some exotic locations one day.

Cindy is a factory assistant, ensuring all orders go out to customers correctly, she captures the orders and courier labels so the sales team can always ensure their orders have arrived safely. Cindy also ensures the factory is tidy and clean at all times. She enjoys all her roles and enjoys learning the products and training on the computer. Quality to me is an important value, providing a quality product that looks beautiful and last longer. Cindy is a mother of two. I love spending time at home, taking care of my home and my family. I love reading, writing and singing in my spare time
Madelaine is responsible for supporting the warehouse team with various adhoc projects. Madelaine is enjoying working in a team environment and learning many things along the way. Madelaine feels its very important to have respect in the workplace, so you feel relaxed and comfortable and more open to fellow workers. Madelaine is a single mom, however her daughter stays with grandparents for now till she can build herself up in the team and have her daughter spend more time with her.