We’re so delighted to share this from our partners-in-salt Sense of taste Chef School!  Every month, they come up with amazingly yummy recipes according to our theme of the month  just because they love Oryx Desert Salt!  Not only do they run a fantastic chef school, every year they offer a bursary worth R90 000 to one lucky recipient.  Here are the details for how to enter:

Got a passion for food? Want to make it your career? Then follow your culinary dream!

This is a very exciting and special occasion in the Sense of Taste Chef School  calendar.

The Sense of Taste Chef School is proud to be Cape Town’s most dynamic and personalized chef school. Owners and chefs Angie Boyd and Peter Ayub are actively involved in the hospitality industry and have spent their careers working in hotels, restaurants and commercial kitchens both locally and internationally.

All classes are taught by either Angie or Peter, who  come with a wealth of skills, experience and expertise, which they are passionate about sharing. Students are trained in classic French skills, coupled with real industry experience. Students receive individual attention in a focused group with world-class guidance in perfecting culinary art. Sense of Taste Chef School encourages students to continually develop, while still conforming to the basics of cooking.

Ten finalists will be selected from the entries to participate in a Mystery Basket Cook-Off at the Sense of Taste Chef School kitchens in Cape Town on 21st October 2017. Chef Peter and Chef Angie, together with an elite panel of impartial foodie judges, will choose the winner of the cook-off. The winner will receive a bursary for the Sense of Taste Chef School 1-year Advanced certificate in Classical cookery; patisserie and wine appreciation for 2018 valued at R90 000.00

To enter, all you have to do is tell us – in no more than 200 words – why you should be selected as the winner of the Sense of Taste Chef School Bursary, and also describe what 3-course meal you would prepare for a special occasion. Get creative!

Email your entry to

(Please note only email entries will be considered)

Closing date: 28th September 2017.

“As a student in the Culinary Arts, I am beyond grateful to have found the Sense of Taste Chef School with Chef Peter Ayub and Chef Angie Boyd. The knowledge that Chef Peter and Chef Angie share with us daily is incredible. They develop the skills of each student to the best of the student’s abilities, focusing on the strengths of each student. At the Sense of Taste Chef School we are prepared for the Food Industry and we are able to follow our passion and journey, armed with valuable skills that Chef Peter and Chef Angie teach us. I am sincerely proud to be a student of the Sense of Taste Chef School” Joni Dames (student from Namibia)


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